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How do you learn magic tricks?

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to develop a new skill – learning a few easy magic tricks could be just the thing. Not only are they a ton of fun and beneficial to learn, magic is a unique gift that can be shared in just about any social setting to break the ice, bond with friends or impress an audience. 

Types of magic 

No type of magic is straightforward, but some types are more common for beginner magicians, like card tricks or sleight of hand. Most magicians know a core base of simple magic tricks and then develop their expertise in a particular area. How and where magicians perform varies a great deal as well. Street magic, close up magic and stage magic offer impressive performances in different settings.

Sleight of hand

Sleight of hand magic involves skilled hand motions and misdirection to make objects appear and disappear in the hands of the magician. Sleight of hand tricks make use of a variety of objects such as coins, cards, balls, and some magicians have even used live animals. This kind of magic is also known as close up magic and includes card tricks, mind reading and pickpocketing. 

The type of magic tricks performed by professional magicians can be categorised into eight major types:

  1. Appearance – making an object appear as if out of thin air, e.g. “rabbit out of a hat”.
  2. Levitation – the illusion that an object is floating in midair without physical support.
  3. Penetration – objects passing through each other or a solid surface.
  4. Prediction – the magician claims to predict future events like selected cards or numbers.
  5. Restoration – when something has been destroyed and made whole again, e.g. cutting something in half and seamlessly putting it back together.
  6. Transformation – one thing changes into another, e.g. water turning into wine. 
  7. Transposition – swapping the position of multiple objects.
  8. Vanishing – making something or someone disappear.

Easy magic tricks for beginners 

If you’re new to magic, start with an easy magic trick like making a coin disappear or a card levitate. Learn easy magic tricks that only require little practice and minimal props like playing cards or a spoon.

The spoon bend

Hold a spoon upside down with the head pressed against a solid table. Act like you’re gripping the handle firmly with both fists. Instead of actually wrapping your hands around the spoon, loop the pinky finger of your bottom hand around the part of the handle that’s directly above the head. Keep the rest of your fingers and your top hand in front of the handle and push both fists down towards the tabletop as though you’re bending the spoon by force. Slowly lower the handle so it’s at a horizontal position. Finish the trick by quickly reversing the motion and restoring the spoon to its ‘original shape’. 

Disappearing coin

Place a coin in the palm of your dominant hand and make sure it’s resting right in the centre of your middle and ring fingers while secretly cupping the edges of your index and pinky fingers. Quickly pass your dominant hand over your other hand and act as if you’ve transferred the coin. Then let your dominant hand, which still has the coin, fall to the side. Open your empty hand and enjoy your audience’s amazement. 

Levitating card 

Use clear adhesive tape to attach a bit of thread to the middle of the playing card. Run the other end of the thread over your hand and then to a button on your shirt or to a belt buckle. You’ll want the thread to be fairly tight when you extend your arm in front of your body while leaving enough thread so the card will dangle a ruler’s length below your hand. 

Run the thread from your body over your hand – between your index and middle finger – and then to the playing card. To perform the effect, grab the card with your hand and mimic the motion of launching a frisbee by folding your hand with the card inwards towards your arm. Quickly straighten your wrist and spin the card on its axis. The card should then float directly under your hand. Make the card rise by moving your hand away from your body. The thread will tighten and the card will rise to your hand. When the card slows its spin, catch the card and display the front of the card so that your audience won’t see the thread.

Learn simple magic tricks with a professional magician

Start learning magic tricks that can be performed anywhere and are sure to impress your friends and family. 

Under the guidance of world-renowned professional magician, Chris Whitelock, you will learn a range of amazing magic tricks including a mixture of card tricks, rope tricks, coin tricks and other incredible illusions. 

With one-on-one sessions, you will gain the knowledge, confidence and skill to perform tricks for an audience. The magic tuition will also take place in the comfort of your own home so you don’t even have to travel to Chris, he will travel to you! 

Simply fill out the contact form to get a bespoke quote for your magic classes today. Chris covers magic lessons in Hertfordshire, Essex, London and other surrounding areas. 

9 Jan 2024

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