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Have you been searching for a professional close up magician? Well look no further!

Christopher Whitelock is one of the UK’s leading close up magicians. He will enchant, amaze, astonish and entertain you and your guests throughout your event. Offering a mix of contemporary magic such as ice magic and mind manipulation. Alongside traditional sleight-of-hand magic such as card tricks, mind-reading, pickpocketing to name a few. Christopher makes the impossible seem possible with everyday objects, such as borrowed rings to bank notes. He uses everything and anything to create powerful magical illusions.

Check out his amazing close up magic videos!

Naturally, as this style of entertainment is performed at such close quarters, it allows Christopher to move freely among guests. As he mingles, he will amaze and amuse at a drinks reception and entertain dinners at tables during an event. His sleight of hand and friendly style of delivery will be remembered by your guests for a long time to come.

​As a professional close up magician Christopher performs stunning trickery at an extremely high standard. In fact, if you weren’t standing there watching him in person, you would think it was a camera illusion. 

Have a look at a few of Chris’s favourite close up magic tricks here, so you can see first hand how mesmerizing he is.

OK, so you have seen him perform, and found out all about his style of close-up magic. But how do you really know he is the magician to hire for your event? The best way to pick a professional close up magician is to look for one with great recommendations, dating back over a long period. Dis-satisfied customers always let the rabbit out of the hat. So, by using trusted reviews to inform your decision, you will avoid disappointment. Offering you peace of mind and assurance that your money is being well spent. Independent reviews are the best way to see what you are getting before you shell out.

Here are some of Christopher Whitelocks Customer Testimonials

When you’re organising any event, be it a wedding, birthday party or corporate event. Make sure it is a success by booking Christopher Whitelock to entertain your guests with his unique set of close up tricks. Get in touch to find out more.

  • Wedding Breakfast - table magician Chris Whitelock

    Close up table magic at parties & dinners!

    Table magic is great for a birthday party, banquet or wedding celebration. Christopher can entertain the individual tables with his jaw dropping magic and sleight of hand, performing in-between courses of the meal.

  • close up magic, magician

    Close up magic at receptions!

    Close up mix and mingle magic is perfect for interacting with groups of guests at an event reception, trade show or corporate event. Christopher will move seamlessly from group to group performing a quick card trick, some digital magic or a full pickpocketing routine. All items returned of course!

  • party magician testimonial, Andrew Spade

    Close up magic entertainment for your event

    Christopher likes to respond and interact with guests, giving each of them a personal experience of intimate magic. This creates a warm and friendly atmosphere leaving everyone excited and entertained by their unique experience of Christopher’s enthusiastic and energetic performance!

    If you would like Christopher to introduce some close up magic to an event you are planning, please get in contact.

Unbelievably, bloody brilliant, astonishing magic.

Sir Paul McCartney

The best magician I have ever seen, producing fire one moment then a block of ice the next. AMAZING.

Rod Stewart

Outstanding magic. A magnificent eye catching performance.

Hugh Bonneville

Unlike anything I have ever seen before, totally blew me away.

Roger Federer

Tonight I witnessed real magic happen right before my very eyes.

Graham Norton

One of the finest purveyors of the magical arts I have ever seen.

Sir Ian McKellen

I was watching so intensely but you still managed to take my watch. Irritatingly marvellous.

Hugh Grant

Chris exceeded all expectations at our daughter’s Wedding! His sensational magic tricks brought amazement, laughter and sheer incredulity to both the Reception and then the Lunch in equal measures. Whole tables were gripped – fascinated by what they saw across a whole gambit of ‘impossibilities’ – resulting in more relaxed, fun and enjoyable scenarios. With his vibrant personality, you could ‘feel’ the tempo changing as he swept through the huge room with 120 guests, creating a real “buzz”. The Wedding was undoubtedly enhanced hugely by Chris. He is indeed a true Magician, leaving a trail of amused, incredulous and open mouths! And we thank him profoundly for that. We highly recommend him

Andrew & Babs Mitchell

Thank you Christopher, you really made our wedding day extra magical. We always knew exactly where Christopher was because all you could hear was clapping and laughter and cheers of amazement from our guests! Christopher is a marvellous magician as well as being charming and personable. Can’t recommend highly enough. I am still baffled how my calendar ended up in a block of ice.

Mr & Mrs Ward

Dear Christopher, it was a pleasure and delight to have you entertain our guests for our Golden wedding anniversary. You absolutely knew how to work the room with sophistication and charm, making our guests feel completely at ease and completely speechless with your magic. I was captivated from start to finish. I could see and hear every table enjoying your performance, and you captured the mood of the room perfectly.

I am truly baffled as to how the card I signed ended up inside a block of ice. You are in no doubt an incredibly talented gentleman; one of the best magicians I have seen in a very long time.

Audrey Thompson

Hi Christopher, thank you for entertaining us on Saturday. All of us were absolutely amazed at your fantastic magic – it really made the evening and was the icing on my birthday cake. Amazing and brilliant professional deception at its very best.

Nish Patel

We booked Christopher Whitelock for an engagement at a dinner we had for our partners from Russia. The evening was a great success and our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We would certainly book Christopher again and have no hesitation in recommending him to other companies who are thinking of organising a similar event. Thank you Christopher.

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