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Sleight of hand is the basis of all types of close up magic. It is a skill that a seasoned professional magician makes look effortless and easy. However, to perform well at such close-quarters actually takes a lot of practice and expertise.

When Christopher was learning his trade, he’d spend hours and hours and hours getting the tricks right. And even though he is now a highly experienced magician, he still practises a lot to ensure his performances are always nothing less than dazzling!

So, what is counted as sleight of hand?

To create an illusion the magician uses subtle misdirection to perform the tricks. This diverts the audience members attention away from the trick that is taking place. The magician also uses sly physical manipulation of an object. With these imperceptible movements combined the audience do not notice what is going on directly under their nose!

When Chris performs his sleight-of-hand moves it will look like a normal everyday hand movement or change of stance, which make the close up audience truly believe that only magic can account for what has just happened before their eyes.

Typically, close-up magic features things like card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, and also the manipulation of an audience members everyday item. These small props enable Chris to smoothly travel among guests. Whether at drink functions or performing table-top magic at a wedding or dinner reception, Chris can mingle and his small props will remain undetected by even the most prolific investigator. 

In addition to Chris’s manual dexterity, his close-up magic relies upon mental manipulation, exact timings, a great storyline, and ofcourse his choreography. When all these are combined he will have your audience enchanted and your event firmly planted in their minds for years to come. Which is perfect if you are wanting to WOW new customers or investors at your corporate event!

Chris’s sleight-of-hand techniques not only work for close-up magic, but is also utilised during cabaret events. Working the room at weddings or corporate events, Chris will happily discuss all your requirements with you in person. And he can easily adapt routines to fit in with your unique cabaret or event theme.

Take a look at Christopher’s favourite close up magic trick video’s here, to see the leading sleight-of-hand magician in action!

Wedding, Private Party or Corporate events…

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    Why hire a sleight of hand magician?

    Good sleight-of-hand magic can provoke feelings of wonder and awe. Scientists have found that these feelings help bring people together, promoting kindness, altruism and other ‘prosocial’ behaviours. That’s why sleight-of-hand magicians are so popular as entertainers at social events such as weddings, because it helps to get everyone – even total strangers – talking to each other and joining in.

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    Sleight of hand magic is perfect for weddings

    Christopher is booked to perform his hugely entertaining sleight-of-hand magic at weddings on a regular basis, all year round. Close up magic appeals to a diverse range of people of all ages. And a wedding is the kind of event that is virtually guaranteed to have a wide mix of guests from all generations. If you are looking for someone to provide your guests with fantastic entertainment on your wedding day, talk to Christopher about how he can help.

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    Corporate entertainment and sleight of hand magic

    A sleight-of-hand magician is an excellent way to entertain guests at corporate events. When you’re bringing together so many people with different interests and outlooks, finding entertainment that the majority will enjoy is an almost impossible task. Having a close up magician doing table magic or entertaining small groups of guests at the drinks reception is bound to help you achieve high feedback scores!

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    See for yourself

    If you need further convincing that Christopher’s style of sleight-of-hand magic will be the perfect addition to your wedding, party or event, click here to see videos of some of his performances.

    Make sure you watch the reactions of the guests when Christopher astounds them with his magic!

Rod Stewart

The best magician I have ever seen, producing fire one moment then a block of ice the next. AMAZING.

Rod Stewart
Graham Norton

Tonight I witnessed real magic happen right before my very eyes.

Graham Norton
Claudia Winkleman, celeb

My ring vanished and appeared in a walnut. Miracles do happen, I’ve witnessed it.

Claudia Winkleman
Holly Willloughby

I witnessed the impossible and I loved it.

Holly Willoughby
Clare Balding

Truly fascinating, I could watch you for hours.

Clare Balding
Hugh Grant

I was watching so intensely but you still managed to take my watch. Irritatingly marvellous.

Hugh Grant

I am truly baffled as to how the card I signed ended up inside a block of ice. You are in no doubt an incredibly talented gentleman; one of the best magicians I have seen in a very long time.

A. Thompson

Your magic was the perfect entertainment that our dinner party needed. Our guests have not stopped talking about your outstanding wizardry. The best part was when you took Stuart’s watch and it ended up inside your wallet. I never thought about having a magician for after the dinner, but I’m so glad we booked you as it was the highlight of our evening.

Ross Sinclair

Christopher was superb – everyone was talking about how he made the bottle disappear through the table. It amazed us all and I couldn’t compliment Christopher more.

Lee Boswel

I can’t recommend you highly enough and everyone is still talking about your magic! Well worth every penny. If you’re getting married then look no further than Christopher for your entertainment – best decision we made.

Harry and Julie Swanson

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