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If you’re thinking about booking a trade show magician, look no further than CW Magic. Christopher Whitelock is a globally renowned trade show magician based in Hertfordshire, near London. His charming personality and skilful performances will make your event extremely memorable. His performances include a range of unique close up magic, sleight of hand magic, or a full cabaret magician show. Chris is a highly sought after trade show magician whose friendly nature brings people together, breaking the ice at any exhibition or conference.

“Unbelievably, bloody brilliant astonishing magic” – Sir Paul McCartney 

Trade shows can cost thousands of pounds so it’s essential to achieve an excellent return on investment. Here’s how hiring a trade show magician can be beneficial to your business.


  • Make Your Booth Stand Out

    Trade shows are highly competitive events with every company competing for attention. Hiring a trade show magician can give you the edge, enabling you to attract more interest. Chris Whitelock provides a tailored magic show that will exceed your expectations and surprise visitors to your exhibition stand.

    Your trade show experience doesn’t need to be boring. Stand out from the crowd and competitors and get potential clients talking and laughing. With Chris’s incredible close up magic tricks, you will spark people’s curiosity and this may intrigue them to stay and learn more about your brand. If you have some news to reveal or a product to launch, a bespoke and professional magic performance is a fun and entertaining way to deliver your message. 

    Thank you once again for a very entertaining, engaging, and knowledgeable magic presentation. Just what we needed to make us stand out. ” –  David Hewitt, Mars Incorporated

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  • Bespoke Magic to Strengthen your Brand

    As a professional trade magician for hire, Chris will work with you to plan and organise the entertainment for your event, ensuring that you get the best experience for your guests and clients. With everything from the type of magic performed, to timings and delivery, Chris’s performance will engage your target audience to deliver key messages. Through his tailored performance, your audience will gain knowledge of your brand, products or services at the same time as reinforcing your company’s reputation.

    With an entertaining and magical presentation, you will be able to generate solid leads for your sales team to convert and ultimately increase your return on investment. Hiring a trade show magician can make a real difference to your sales, lead generation and overall trade show delivery.

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  • Build Client Relationships

    Trade show magic is about hooking existing and potential clients and sharing your marketing message. It’s about generating leads through good relationships. You should be able to reach out to these leads longer after the show, nurture them and eventually convert them.

    Hiring an expert trade magician like Chris Whitelock ensures your clients receive a truly spectacular experience. Chris is a master of engaging with his audiences and will make everyone feel included, get people talking about your brand and generally create an atmosphere of excitement and magic – something that’s not usually seen at a  business-focused event!

    “Absolutely amazing, everyone loved your presentation, You were the big surprise highlight of our event” – Laura Maitland, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • The Lasting Impact of Magic at Trade Shows

    The power of magic is that it captivates and leaves lasting impressions on people’s minds. When performed at a trade show booth, it has the ability to engage, entertain and educate attendees about your brand, products and services. 

    But why does magic have such a great impact? 

    By nature, humans are curious beings and are naturally drawn to mystery. Magic leaves us in a state of wonder and plays with our expectations. When you incorporate magic into your trade show strategy, you tap into this fascination and create a memorable experience for your potential customers. 

    Imagine the possibilities when your company becomes the talk of the trade show. Hire an expert magician and leave a lasting expression that extends far beyond the event itself.

    Contact Chris as soon as possible to reserve your date and avoid disappointment.


The best magician I have ever seen, producing fire one moment then a block of ice the next. AMAZING.

Rod Stewart

Unbelievably, bloody brilliant, astonishing magic.

Sir Paul McCartney

My credit card was in a block of ice – that is next level wizardry.

Heston Blumenthal

Absolutely amazing, everyone loved your presentation, You were the big surprise highlight of our event

Laura Maitland Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

Hi Christopher, from everyone at BNP Paribas, thank you for a very entertaining and engaging session

Sharon Wilson BNP Paribas

Thank you once again for a very entertaining, engaging, and knowledgeable magic presentation. Just what we needed to make us stand out.

David Hewitt Mars Incorporated

Christopher was amazing and a big highlight on the stand. His attention to detail, charm and personality drew people in and his bespoke magic trick using our company branding really hit home our message. A total asset to the shows success. 

Maxwell Edgar Proctor & Gamble

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