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Enchanting Weddings: The Magic Touch for Your Special Day

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of love and commitment, a day filled with unforgettable moments and memories. While you may focus on traditional elements such as catering, venue and music, there’s one thing that could make your special day that much more enchanting: a wedding magician

How a wedding magician enhances the guest experience

You may be wondering whether a magician will be the right fit for your wedding. The good news is that most professional magicians are dynamic and flexible in their performances so they have the unique ability to enhance your wedding entertainment – no matter your setting and theme. 

By including a magician in your wedding, you introduce an element of surprise and enthrallment that will leave your guests impressed. From mind-boggling close up magic to incredible sleight of hand magic, a skilled magician will capture the attention of your guests, leaving your venue abuzz with chatter and clapping. This will not only contribute to a fun and lively atmosphere but also keep everyone engaged and excited for what’s to come. 

But most importantly, you want your wedding day to be memorable and a one-of-a-kind experience and a magician does just that. Wedding entertainment usually consists of music – a band or DJ, maybe some wedding games, but a tailored magic performance is the best choice to elevate your day and mark the occasion in a way that most other entertainment can’t.

Choosing the right magic for a wedding setting

Once you realise that a wedding magician will indeed add that special touch to your day, it’s time to decide which magic is right for your wedding setting. You certainly won’t want it to be tacky, so it’s important that you choose a suitable style of magic. Here are the top types of magicians that will contribute to the perfect wedding entertainment.

Close up magician – a close up magician performs tricks that will really impress people. These include ice magic, mind reading and close up magic tricks that include everyday objects such as rings and coins. You are almost guaranteed an emotional reaction from guests that is stronger than any other type of entertainment. 

Table magician – a table magician will perform before or after your guests enjoy a wedding breakfast, lunch or dinner and this gives the sense of an intimate ‘mini magic show’ as the magician will come round to each table. This is a great bonding experience for wedding guests seated at the same table to get to know each other by discussing the table magic they’ve just witnessed.

Mix and mingle magician  – a mix and mingle magician will socialise with your guests, not just perform for them. These types of magicians are ideal for a drinks reception as they’ll walk around, stir up conversation and wow guests with magic. This is great if you don’t want full blown stage magic but rather a subtle ice breaker for your different groups of guests.

Sleight of hand magician sleight of hand magicians perform complex tricks with ordinary objects and make it look effortless. It’s a type of close up magic that takes a lot of practice but seems simple. Sleight of hand magic includes card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks. This style of magic can be performed at your drinks function, as table-top magic or at the dinner reception.

Tips for hiring a wedding magician

So how do you decide on the perfect magician for your big day? There are a few things you will need to take note of before hiring a wedding magician.

Do your research

A few online searches will give you a list of the top wedding magicians available in your area and from there you can get a sense of who’s available for your wedding date.

See them perform

It’s best to watch their videos on YouTube or their website to get a sense of how they perform and what tricks they are capable of. 

Consider your budget

At the beginning of your wedding planning, if you set aside a budget for entertainment, this might have included a wedding magician cost. On the other hand, if you’ve got a bit of budget leftover and want to add an extra layer of fun to your day then shop around for quotes from a magician to see if you could fit it into your spend.

Christopher Whitelock’s prices start from £3.50 – £7 per person depending on the number of guests and duration of the magic performance.

Real-life wedding magic success stories

Christopher Whitelock has performed during many wedding days and his clients have sung his praises over the years. From his attention to detail and ability to mix and mingle with guests, Chris has enhanced the atmosphere of love, laughter and celebration at his client’s weddings. Here’s what they have had to say:

“Christopher stood in last minute for us and wow! Oh my! How lucky we were! Such a talented, professional magician! We didn’t want any lulls (guests spare time) at our wedding. Christopher not only filled our wish but he also acted as our toastmaster! Absolutely money well spent. Guests cannot stop taking about you and the magic you brought to our day! Thank you again.”

Catherine Moore

“Christopher’s magic is mind-blowing and brilliant, a very talented and friendly magician. The perfect addition to our big day. For any couples not sure about hiring Christopher, we very highly recommend him. You will not regret your decision.”

Mary & Hannah

“Many thanks for your outstanding performance at our wedding, our guests were completely mesmerised by you and your magic, you were so warm, friendly and extremely charming the perfect addition to our day!”

Lance & William

Read more of Chris’s wedding day testimonials here

Create a magical wedding atmosphere 

Chris currently performs in most of the popular wedding venues across London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and Buckinghamshire and he has built excellent relationships with the organisers at these venues. So you can rest assured that everything will go off seamlessly on your big day.

A magical master of ceremonies and magician in one!

When you hire Chris, not only will he perform incredible magic at your wedding, he is also happy to play the part of MC. From introducing speakers and coordinating formalities to mingling with guests, he will ensure your special day goes as smoothly as possible. 

If your big day is this year, make sure to lock in your wedding reception entertainment early! Chris gets booked up super quickly so contact him as soon as possible by filling out this form with your wedding details.

You can also check out CW Magic’s free wedding guide for more tips and tricks to add a magical touch to your wedding day.

1 Feb 2024

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The best magician I have ever seen, producing fire one moment then a block of ice the next. AMAZING.

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Unbelievably, bloody brilliant, astonishing magic.

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It’s truly baffling.

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All I can say is just WOW.

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OH MY GOD! How is that possible?

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Outstanding magic. A magnificent eye catching performance.

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Tonight I witnessed real magic happen right before my very eyes.

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I was captivated from start to finish, exceptional entertainer.

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One of the finest purveyors of the magical arts I have ever seen.

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Utterly Mind Boggling Brilliance.

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My ring vanished and appeared in a walnut. Miracles do happen, I’ve witnessed it.

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