Posted by on 15 Jun 2013

Why should I book a Wedding Magician?

Church, register office or hotel, wedding dress, flowers and rings might be more obvious items for your “to do” list rather than wedding magician. Thinking about it though, booking a magician for …

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Posted by on 15 May 2013

Book a Wedding Magician in Hertfordshire

Your choice of wedding magician is as important as the choice of your wedding venue. The costs may be poles apart but they will both contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the …

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Posted by on 7 Mar 2013

Table Magician Hertfordshire

In this section I will explain all of the wonderful things that a close up table magician in Hertfordshire can do for you at your party or event. When I use the …

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Posted by on 21 Apr 2012

Prices for Magicians

Hiring a close-up magician must be a difficult thing to do. Many people who call me are concerned mainly about price. It’s understandable, organising a wedding or party is expensive.

But here are …

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