Occasions to hire a magician

Occasions to hire a magician

Everyone loves a bit of magic in their life, and there are many times when hiring a magician can add sparkle to moments that are already magical. It’s been my pleasure and privilege to have been involved with many special occasions in my capacity as a professional magician. I’ve helped people celebrate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and proposals, as well as business wins and awards. So, let’s have a look at what the best occasions are to hire a magician:

Wedding Magician

Hiring a wedding magician is hugely popular and for very good reason. Your wedding day is a very special occasion, and there are a lot of people who will be celebrating it with you. As a happy couple, you’ll want to spend the day in each other’s company, but your attention will be divided by all the friends and relatives on your guest list. It’ll be impossible to spend a lot of quality time with everyone as well as carry out your ”duties’—photographs, first dance, cake cutting, speeches, and being the centre of attention! 

It’s unlikely that all your guests will know each other well; in fact, it’s probably the first time many of them will meet each other. Under normal circumstances, you’d be the one to introduce everyone to everyone else, and you would help break the ice by pointing out what they have in common. But you’ll be far too busy at your wedding. This is why many couples hire me as their wedding magician, as a way of helping to break the ice between their different groups of friends and families. Whether I’m at the drinks reception entertaining small groups of people or doing table magic between courses at the wedding breakfast, I’m providing everyone with a shared experience. And that’s usually more than enough to get everyone talking as though they’ve known each other for years! 


What comes before the wedding? The proposal. If you’re planning something really special for your partner, then why not wrap up your proposal with a magic trick? As a magician, I certainly know how to keep a secret, so I’d be more than happy to collaborate with you to find a surprising and entertaining way for you to pop the question via a magic trick.

Birthdays and anniversaries

For any celebratory gathering, a party magician can liven things up. Hiring a magician for your birthday or anniversary can help get the party started; it’s a great way to break the ice between guests who may not know each other and a fantastic way to raise energy levels. 

Award evenings

Who doesn’t love a glittering night out, especially with the added excitement of being a finalist in one (or more) of the categories? Business awards are exciting times, and magical entertainment can come in the form of a short cabaret act or close-up magic

Corporate Event Magician

Whether you want to entertain clients at corporate events or staff at team-building events, I can help inject some fun and magic into the occasion. As an experienced corporate magician, I can also incorporate your branding into my act so your guests will think fondly of you whenever they remember the occasion. 

Read the lovely things people have said about my act in the testimonials section, and look at their smiles in the gallery. Then get in touch to check my availability and discuss your corporate event magician requirements.

Christopher Whitelock
6 Jan 2022

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Celebrity Clientele

The best magician I have ever seen, producing fire one moment then a block of ice the next. AMAZING.

Rod Stewart

Unbelievably, bloody brilliant, astonishing magic.

Sir Paul McCartney

I don’t know whether to be amazed or to just burn you at the stake.

Matt Smith

It’s truly baffling.

Jeremy Clarkson

All I can say is just WOW.

Chris Evans

OH MY GOD! How is that possible?

Alex Jones

Outstanding magic. A magnificent eye catching performance.

Hugh Bonneville

Tonight I witnessed real magic happen right before my very eyes.

Graham Norton

I was captivated from start to finish, exceptional entertainer.

Lewis Hamilton

One of the finest purveyors of the magical arts I have ever seen.

Sir Ian McKellen

Utterly Mind Boggling Brilliance.

Michael Ball

My ring vanished and appeared in a walnut. Miracles do happen, I’ve witnessed it.

Claudia Winkleman

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