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Bringing Holiday Magic: Why a Christmas Party Magician is the Perfect Festive Entertainment

The festive season is slowly approaching and you might be wondering how to make your Christmas party extra special this year. The entertainment often sets the tone for any event from birthdays to weddings and does a splendid job of bringing people together. Whether you are organising an end-of-year corporate party or a private celebration with friends and family, hiring a professional magician ensures everyone has a memorable time.

Entertainment for festive celebrations

Christmas is a time of festivities, joy and celebration. Children and adults alike get enthralled by the magic of the holiday season and everything seems new and exciting. We get swept away by the mystery of Christmas – from the sights and sounds to the smells and the atmosphere. 

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, hosting festive magic performances is the ideal form of entertainment. Magic holds many of the elements of this joyous time and is one of the best ways to guarantee audience participation, bonding and Christmas cheer! Hiring a magician for Christmas parties helps to break the ice as you may have different groups of people who haven’t spent time together before. Christmas party entertainment will have your guests chatting and interacting with the magician and with each other. 

One of the best parts of choosing an expert magician as your party entertainment is that it doesn’t matter where your event is being held. Magic can be performed anywhere, from your living room to your office or a hired venue. The performance is often tailored to suit your guests and is the perfect way to bring festive cheer and laughter.

Why you should hire a corporate party magician 

Your company Christmas party happens once a year and it could be the most talked about event of the year – when done right. For many remote working employees, Christmas is the one time of the year where every department comes together to celebrate. If you’re organising a corporate event, entertainment should be your top priority.

While there are tons of entertainment options to choose from, hiring a Christmas party magician can be the ideal way to kickstart the festivities and keep the good times going. Whether you want to liven up the drinks reception or make the office Christmas party super memorable, a fantastic magic performance can do the trick.

So, why exactly should you have a magician at your corporate Christmas party?

  1. For the entertainment: Entertainment is usually the highlight of an event and a professional Christmas magician will elevate the quality of your party. Having a highly reputable magician who has honed their craft and has experience performing in front of audiences will keep your guests on the edge of their seats. 
  2. It sparks conversation: Since your entire company will attend the party, there may be employees who haven’t come into contact before. Magic is interactive by nature and invites audience participation so it works as a great conversation starter. Your office party magician will go around the tables or stand on a stage and ask people to engage. As a result, your guests will mix and mingle, while discussing the magic tricks they just witnessed.
  3. Prevents boring moments: Any event will have lulls and they aren’t always a bad thing. But, if you’re looking to keep the energy going and create a memorable evening, it’s best to prevent your guests from getting bored. A Christmas event magician is experienced at creating a lively atmosphere with amazing magic to get them laughing and chatting again. 
  4. Makes it memorable: A professional magician will engage in extraordinary table magic and close up magic that will mesmerise the audience and leave a lasting impact. Magic leaves the mystery hanging in the air and people will talk about the event long after it’s over. And ultimately, that’s what you want to achieve from any corporate event.

Expert magician for Christmas parties 

Christopher Whitelock is one of the UK’s leading Christmas party magicians, who has been entertaining audiences for over 15 years. As a globally renowned magician, he sprinkles his unique form of magic throughout the holiday period. 

Chris is highly sought after and availability will be limited during December. So if you’re planning a private or a corporate event this festive season, remember to secure the entertainment early! 

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    1 Sep 2023

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