Top tips for your wedding planning


Posted by on 27 May 2015

Top tips for your wedding planning

Plan Plan and plan some more

I know it may sound obvious but start with the basics:

If you are planning on a summer wedding make sure you book the venue extra early, there …

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Posted by on 24 Apr 2015

Where is Chris over the next few weeks?

Charity Black Tie Ball – 25th April

Chris is performing at a charity ball in The Isle of Wight this Saturday the 25th April. Magic is the perfect ice breaker for any corporate …

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Posted by on 26 Mar 2015

Corporate Cabaret shows and Close up Magic for Carewatch

Who are Carewatch?

Carewatch are a home care services team with teams all of the UK dedicated to provide the best quality support and care to those in need. On Wednesday 11th March …

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Posted by on 23 Jan 2015

Where can you see Chris Whitelock over the next few months!?

Chris will be making an appearance at several venues over the next few months to showcase his jaw dropping magic and mentalism. Why not take this chance to pop by and witness …

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Posted by on 19 Jan 2015

A Day in the Life of Christopher Whitelock…

So what do magicians get up to all day? Are their days filled with magic and trickery, mystery and intrigue? Well actually no, without wishing to ruin the illusion it can all …

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Posted by on 15 Jan 2015

Most Magical Moments of Chris’ Career

Having established himself as a top international magician, Chris is spoilt for choice when selecting his career highlights. However he’s pulled a few special ones out of the hat to share with …

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Posted by on 12 Jan 2015

Where did Chris Whitelock’s Love of Magic begin?

Chris Whitelock’s interest in magic was piqued by a gift he received as a child. Whilst many children receive a magic set at some point during their childhood, for most it only …

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Posted by on 17 Jun 2014

Luton Hoo Walled Garden … an unusual, magical wedding venue

When you think of Bedfordshire you might think arable farms, green fields, flat countryside but there is also a wealth of history too and with that comes some fabulous wedding venues.

If you …

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