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Magic lessons are fun for any age. We have all had a moment whether at a wedding or at a party where we have experienced a magician blow our minds with a fancy magic trick, leaving us asking “how did they do that?!” Whether you are looking for a fun gift to give a friend or family member or just want to learn how these magic tricks are possible, why not experience magic lessons with Chris Whitelock – a leading international magician with over 15 years of experience.

We recommend the youngest age for a fun and memorable magic lesson with Chris to be 6+.

Learn Magic

Sure you could Google “how to do magic tricks” however there is nothing quite like a 1-1 magic lesson with a highly talented and experienced magician like Chris Whitelock. Have the ability to watch, listen and learn how to do some of the most entertaining sleight of hand magic you have ever seen. Learning magic is fun, entertaining, a great way to build confidence and have a great talking point with friends and family. A series of magic lessons with Chris will give you the opportunity to learn a variety of magic tricks including playing card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks and close up magic tricks.

Learning magic with Chris is seamless, you do not require any equipment or experience, Chris will supply all the tools and equipment you need and explain every step of each trick in a fun, relaxed and engaging way. There is nothing like that feeling you get when you finally do the trick yourself!

Magic Lessons

Regardless of age, a one to one magic lesson with Chris is a unique and unforgettable gift. Even if you have never thought about learning magic, we are very confident you will enjoy the experience, you may even be introduced to a new ongoing hobby. Magic lessons with Chris last one hour, in that time you get to experience a world-class magician, perform these tricks for you 1 to 1, you will have the ability to ask questions, learn the hidden secrets of how these magic tricks are done and ultimately get to the point where you can perform these tricks to wow your friends and family. Chris has the experience and patience to teach anyone, our 1-1 magic lessons are designed to be engaging, fun and a great memorable experience.

What’s better Chris will bring the magic to you! Chris’ magic lessons can take place in yours or a friend’s home. Huge space isn’t needed, a cosy living room is perfect to learn these beginner-friendly magic tricks.

If you are interested in 1-1 magic lessons in Hertfordshire or surrounding areas or can think of someone who is, contact Chris today!

Birthday Party Magician

Chris has experience teaching and performing magic at some of the most talked-about parties in Hertfordshire. Chris can enhance the entertainment for adult birthday parties and children’s parties with a mix of performance and teaching the magic trick itself. Magic performance and lessons will keep guests entertained and becomes a huge talking point. Hire Chris to take care of your birthday party entertainment, perfect for groups between 4-20 people.

Group magic lessons

Chris has experience hosting group magic lessons for groups of friends or for small businesses looking for entertaining ways to celebrate. Group magic lessons are a unique gift guaranteed to be fun and engaging and an experience out of the ordinary. Group magic lessons with Chris is also a fantastic way for businesses to bring their teams together for team-building.

If you are interested in 1-1 magic lessons, group magic lessons or require a birthday party magician in Hertfordshire, then please contact Chris today or call on 07747141238.

Magic Lessons in Hertfordshire FAQs

Where are the magic lessons held? 

Chris will travel to you or your party venue, no props or extra planning is needed, Chris will bring all tools required for a fun and memorable lesson.

What age is suitable for one of your magic lessons?

You are never to young or too old for magic lessons!

How long will I have with you for a magic lesson? 

You can book a lesson for the duration of 1 – 2 hours.

Can I buy blocks of lessons with you?

Yes, you can book multiple lessons with me. This may be suitable for those who discover magic as a hobby or if you are hosting team building events in groups. Contact me today to discuss your requirements.

Do you offer group bookings for lessons?

Yes, I offer lessons and magic lesson parties for up to groups of 20 people. Larger groups or corporate events may require a longer session.

Do you offer video magic lessons?

Yes, I do offer video lessons over Social media or using other platforms including zoom and Google meets.

How far in advance do I need to book for a lesson?

Contact Chris today to maximise the chances of your required date being available.

What type of tricks will I learn with you? 

The magic lesson consists of a mixture of classic magic tricks and some fun modern tricks to truly baffle friends and family. 

Can I book a magic lesson with you today?

Simply fill out the handy contact form on this page, contact me here, or call directly 07747141238.

To find out more information, check availability and receive a quote please do get in contact.


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    Hi Chris, just a quick one to say a big thank you for performing at Anna’s magic lesson party. All the girls had a great time and I’ve had lots of really positive feedback from the other mums who have all been treated to magic shows. The magic lesson and show was perfect and I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for something different for a party.

    Caroline, Adrian and Anna

    With regards to his lesson, his passion and enthusiasm for his subject matter was unmistakeable and my son had a really enjoyable hour seeing some great magic and learning some great tips and techniques! Christopher was full of a great deal of genuine advice and support and gave very sincere encouragement. I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for a unique gift.

    Pammi Bhandal

    Instead of the usual physical challenges for our latest team building event (none of us wanted to get muddy or wet this time), we decided to stay in the warm and dry and inject a bit of magic into the office. Chris took over the boardroom and tried to demonstrate a few ‘simple’ (his words, not ours!) tricks to a room full of butterfingers using £20 notes, pound coins and a few packs of cards. When it comes to our new-found magical ‘abilities’, well, let’s just say that Chris will never have to worry about competition in the world of professional magic from anyone in our company! It would however be lovely for us to be able to amaze and amuse friends, family, and possibly even clients with a flash of brilliance from just one tricky sleight of hand… but we’ve got a long way to go yet!

    Sarah, Hertford

    Dear Chris, We cannot thank you enough for captivating the attention and imaginations of the children at Jack’s 8th birthday party. Inspiring them from the outset with your flame and card tricks, you engaged every single child from start to finish and the way you kept them all focused and disciplined was really impressive.

    I had several texts from parents the following day to say that their children had been practising what you had taught them and I think that that is perhaps the greatest testament of all to a successful and memorable party. Best wishes & huge thanks. It couldn’t have been better.


    Dear Christopher. Just a quick note to thank you for bringing such excitement to our team building event. Your session was very successful and the staff have said how incredibly interesting it was.

    Roger Mason PA Consulting Group

    “I was given a magic lesson as a surprise birthday gift from my wife. It was one of the most enjoyable, entertaining and thought-provoking experience I’ve had in a very long time.

    Christopher’s knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for magic meant I could easily understand and pick up the techniques needed to perform the tricks. I came away from the lesson not only with a greater knowledge and understanding of magic but more importantly the confidence in myself to be able to achieve what I had been taught.”


    Raj Musall

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