Are you interested in magic tricks and would like to try a few close up magic tricks yourself?

Are you looking for magical gift ideas for a kid… or a big kid?

Would you like to do something a bit more quirky than raft-building for your corporate team building event?

A magic lesson with Chris Whitelock is the perfect activity for anyone over the age of 8!


One to one magic lessons – A unique gift!

Book a magic lesson with experienced, international magician Chris Whitelock who will teach you the knowledge, power and tricks guaranteed to wow friends and family. A mixture of card tricks, rope tricks, fun playground tricks, coin tricks and some amazing magic with everyday objects.

Chris will provide all of the materials needed for the magic lesson as well as a range of props and tricks that the recipient can keep to wow their loved ones again and again.


“Hi Chris
Just a quick one to say a big thank you for performing at Anna’s magic lesson party. All the girls had a great time and I’ve had lots of really positive feedback from the other mum’s who have all been treated to magic shows. The magic lesson and show was perfect and will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for something different for a party.
Thanks again
Caroline, Adrian and Anna”

Magic Lesson Birthday Party

You will get a whole one hour one-on-one session with experienced, international magician Chris Whitelock. As a renowned international magician Chris has the experience and patience to teach anyone.

You will get a whole one hour one-on-one session with experienced, international magician Chris Whitelock. As a renowned international magician Chris has the experience and patience to teach anyone.

I booked Christopher for a one hour lesson as a Christmas gift for my 18 year old son who is interested in close-up magic tricks and keen to improve his skills.

From my very first email Christopher was very prompt, professional and efficient.

With regards to his lesson, his passion and enthusiasm for his subject matter was unmistakeable and my son had a really enjoyable hour seeing some great magic and learning some great tips and techniques!  Christopher was full of a great deal of genuine advice and support and gave very sincere encouragement. I could not recomment him highly enough to anyone looking for a unique gift.”

Kind Regards
Pammi Bhandal

If you have someone on your gift list that would love a magic lesson from Chris then please contact Chris today or call on 07747 141 238.

Magic lessons for corporate team building events

Chris also teaches magic to companies, so if you’re looking for unusual things to do for your next corporate team building event, book a magic lesson, like this company did:

“Instead of the usual physical challenges for our latest team building event (none of us wanted to get muddy or wet this time), we decided to stay in the warm and dry and inject a bit of magic into the office. Chris took over the boardroom and tried to demonstrate a few ‘simple’ (his words, not ours!) tricks to a room full of butterfingers using £20 notes, pound coins and a few packs of cards. When it comes to our new-found magical ‘abilities’, well, let’s just say that Chris will never have to worry about competition in the world of professional magic from anyone in our company! It would however be lovely for us to be able to amaze and amuse friends, family, and possibly even clients with a flash of brilliance from just one tricky sleight of hand… but we’ve got a long way to go yet!”

Sarah, Hertford, Hertfordshire, 7/12/2016

Magic Lessons Hertford

Corporate magic lesson at work!


Magic Lessons Hertfordshire

Team building magic lesson


Magic lesson

Learn card magic tricks with Chris!


40th Birthday Magic Lesson!

Linda bought a magic lesson for her husband David as a fun 40th Birthday present. All the materials were provided for the lesson. David was taught a mixture of magic tricks so that he could show his family as he wanted to perform some magic when they were going out for his birthday meal at the weekend. He told me he also was a bit of a prankster and trickster so I was able to show him some cool things that he could do to his friends down the pub and at the golf club!
We both enjoyed the magic lesson, David had a smile on his face the whole time as he kept saying to me I know someone I can do that to or Linda will love this when I show her!

It was great to teach David magic and he recently emailed me to say thank you.

Hi Chris,

The magic tricks have gone down a real treat, the family loved that special trick you showed me and the boys down the golf club still can’t work out the trick with the £10 note! Thank you once again for teaching me it has been a real laugh showing people my new magic tricks and I am getting better at it every time I try.

All the best
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, 14/11/2016

Magic lesson for boys 10th Birthday!

A birthday treat the birthday boy and 2 friends were treated to a magic lesson as the parents thought it would be a fun an unique gift and something that was never available before.

The 3 boys were all aged 10 and in the magic lesson I provided them with all the props and materials and also a magic booklet with tricks in so they could practice all they had learnt and more after I had finished teaching them. They were taught some fun tricks that they could do at school to show there friend or at home to show family. All the tricks were taught specifically for their ability and age. The children wanted to learn more and more as they thought it was great! It was great to see that the lesson had really sparked in them a passion to find out more about magic.

The birthday boys mother who booked this as a surprise for her son emailed me the next day to thank me.

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for last night! The card tricks have been practised much and has impressed the family members of all boys today. I also have elastic bands all over my house! It was a very enjoyable session.

Best wishes
Stevenage, Hertfordshire, 9/11/2016