Fanhams Hall – Ware Venue

Hiring a Magician

Posted by CW Magic on 18 Jun 2015

Fanhams Hall – Ware Venue

Hertfordshire Wedding Venue  

Located in the rural area of Hertfordshire Fanhams hall is within easy reach of major motorways and Stanstead airport, making it a very accessible choice for your wedding or event.

The …

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Posted by CW Magic on 12 Jun 2015

Sopwell House – St Albans Venue

Hertfordshire Venue

Located in the middle of 12 acres of beautiful gardens Sopwell house is the perfect venue for weddings, birthdays and celebrations In Hertfordshire. The country house hotel in St Albans is …

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Posted by CW Magic on 26 Mar 2015

Corporate Cabaret shows and Close up Magic for Carewatch

Who are Carewatch?

Carewatch are a home care services team with teams all of the UK dedicated to provide the best quality support and care to those in need. On Wednesday 11th March …

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Posted by CW Magic on 29 Apr 2014

Magicians for charity events – My top tips!

Looking to add magic to your charity event? Here’s my top tips:

What’s the difference between a magician working at a charity event and a magician working at a corporate event or a …

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Posted by CW Magic on 12 Feb 2014

Using Magic Within Business

In March 2014 Chris will be travelling to Helsinki, Finland to help a business with their team building and internal relationships. Chris often travels internationally particularly for corporate events, dinner evenings and …

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Posted by CW Magic on 15 Oct 2013

Celebrity Clientele

Christopher Whitelock was thrilled to be invited to entertain at a house party at the London home of Sir Paul McCartney recently. The world-famous singer, songwriter and former Beatle was quoted as …

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Posted by CW Magic on 29 Sep 2013

Christmas Party Magician Hertfordshire

Time really does fly as it’s almost that time of year, making those early arrangements for your party this Christmas, or planning your Christmas corporate event. On your list of things to …

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Posted by CW Magic on 15 Jun 2013

Why should I book a Wedding Magician?

Church, register office or hotel, wedding dress, flowers and rings might be more obvious items for your “to do” list rather than wedding magician. Thinking about it though, booking a magician for …

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Posted by CW Magic on 15 May 2013

Book a Wedding Magician in Hertfordshire

Your choice of wedding magician is as important as the choice of your wedding venue. The costs may be poles apart but they will both contribute greatly to the enjoyment of the …

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Posted by CW Magic on 7 Mar 2013

Table Magician Hertfordshire

In this section I will explain all of the wonderful things that a close up table magician in Hertfordshire can do for you at your party or event. When I use the …

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